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Published on March 27, 2019 | Activities, Tips, Travel

Ubud is known as the cultural heart of Bali, and for a good reason.

The town itself is surrounded by lush greenery and vegetation in the form of rice terraces, tropical gardens and even its own monkey forest.

Ubud is also known for its holistic, healthy lifestyle that revolves around organic foods and the art of yoga, meditation and overall spiritual health and healing.

There are so many parts of Ubud to see, it can be confusing for visitors to pick out places to visit. Here are some of our top picks for activities in Ubud:


Things to do in Ubud
Puri Saren Entrance Gate

Royal Palace of Ubud

Also known as the Puri Saren Agung, the Royal Palace of Ubud is an iconic temple that dates back to the 1800s when it was first built.

Located in the center of the town, the Royal Palace showcases a variety of traditional Balinese Dances in the evening.


Things to do in Ubud
Photo Source : Maksim Shutov

Tegalalang Rice Terrace

Tegalalang rice terrace is a UNESCO world heritage site, known for its beautiful and sophisticated irrigation channels.

It’s the perfect place for a stroll with your family, especially if you’re traveling with a baby.

Visit Tegalalang on rainy season will be perfect!


Things to do in Ubud
Photo Source : Andre Mouton

Monkey Forest

The monkey forest of Ubud is a popular place for guests to visit. It’s best if you plan ahead and follow the rules when visiting the forest.

The monkeys are especially interactive with visitors.

Read our tips if you want to visit the monkey sanctuary!


Things to do in Ubud
Photo Source : Artem Bali

Campuhan Ridge Walk

If you feel like going for a short hike, then the Campuhan Ridge Walk is a must. The Campuhan ridge walk is a short trail, about 3-4km, that takes you up the beautiful hills just behind Ubud.

At the top, there are scenic views of the forest and lush vegetation that surrounds Ubud.

Campuhan is in our list of instagrammable spots around Gianyar!


Things to do in Ubud
Casa Luna Cooking Class

Cooking Classes at Casa Luna

For those wanting to pick up a few traditional Balinese culinary and recipes, take a cooking class at Casa Luna.

You will learn about Balinese cooking methods, cooking styles and the historical origins and myths surrounding those dishes.

We have a list of cooking classes in Ubud that you can choose.


Things to do in Ubud
Blanco Renaissance Museum

Blanco Renaissance Museum

Ubud has the highest concentration of places to view and appreciate art in Bali. Surrounded by lush tropical gardens and rice fields, the Blanco Museum is highly regarded as the one of the most iconic museums in Bali.

The museum was once a studio that belonged to the late Antonio Blanco, which he expanded into a museum for him to showcase his collection.

You can read here to know more about Blanco Museum.


Things to do in Ubud
Dine with The King of The Jungle

Tsavo Lion Restaurant

For a unique dining experience be sure to stop by the Tsavo Lion Restaurant in the Bali Safari complex.

The restaurant is located right next to the Lion exhibit in Bali Safari Park, and is lined with large glass panels where you can dine together with the majestic Lions.

Ubud is home to many prolific temples, activities and sights to see. We recommend you plan ahead so you know exactly what to do in Ubud.

If you stay at Mara River Safari Lodge, you’ll be able to visit Ubud in as little as 15 minutes by car.