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10 Fun Facts about Lions

We’ve written many factual articles about the different animals in Bali Safari Park; now its time we talk about the king of the jungle himself, the Lion! What’s the first thing on your mind when you think of Lions? There’s a reason they’re regarded as king of the jungle. Lions have been the symbol of strength, nobility and power for ...

September 27, 2019 Activities, Animal, Nature

Ways animals can improve children’s development

When you think back about your happiest childhood memories, how many of you remember spending time with your pets? Well, it turns out that having an animal companion has a significant impact on children’s development. This is further emphasized if the parents are animal lovers as well. Think about it, having pets teaches you to have a sense of responsibility, ...

August 9, 2019 Animal

Conservation – Help Save the Rhinos

Did you know that there are less than 80 Sumatran rhinos living in Indonesia? These animals can weigh up to 1,000kg and are classified as critically endangered, almost reaching extinction. In Indonesia, there is only a population of Javan rhino left, while species from Vietnam have, sadly, already become extinct. Currently, there are 5 different species of the rhinoceros – ...

November 8, 2018 Animal, Animals, Nature

Wild animals seen from Mara River Safari Lodge

The next time you’re staying at Mara River and Safari Lodge, you’ll have plenty of wonderful opportunities to come up close to a myriad of wild animals as they roam free in their respective habitats. Here are some of the favourites. Elephants Our friendly pachyderms are everyone’s favourite! You can meet our gentle giants, feed them with fruits and vegetables ...

September 21, 2018 Activities, Animal, Tips

The Animal Show at Bali Safari Park

During your stay at Mara River Safari Lodge, you have the privilege to watch wildlife unfold from the comfort of your room. Whether you’re on a relaxing trip or a fun weekend visit with the kids, the educational Animal Shows at Bali Safari Park should be on your top to-do list. If you share a love for animals, then you ...

April 9, 2018 Activities, Animal, Hotel