Feed the Predators

Enjoy a thrilling experience by feeding the predators of the jungle like the tigers and lions. Being carried on a designated cage truck, you will be taken into a best journey you can ever imagine on Feed the Predator.

In the beginning, you’ll be driven into the home of the biggest mammals in Asia, the Sumatran Elephants. There are many elephants that you can feed and play with. Come a bit further inside the jungle, you’ll find the home of our Sumatran Tigers. Keep an eye on how they’ll climb above you and feel the intimacy. Sit back, relax, and make sure you don’t miss every chance to feed them. Remember to capture that rare moment too.

Few miles ahead, our beautiful deer is waiting for you to be fed. While do some little run around, this animal seems to be very exciting to see you on the cage. They are not laughing at you for being on a cage, we are sure about that.

Things To Do

Boasting a lovely view of Mount Agung in the distance, the property is embraced by pristine nature and rare tranquility.

Adventurous travelers will have great fun watching and even feeding the wild animals from their own balcony. Leisure travelers may want to explore the traditional Balinese architecture on the premise or lounge around the Kiboko Pool.