Exhibit in Bali Safari and Marine Park

What kind of exhibit are in Bali Safari Park?

The Ranthambore Palace

Stroll along the road that leads you to the realm of Ranthambore, a recreation of an ancient Indian fort in the city of Rajasthan. Surrounded by the fortress relics, Ranthambore is the home to the majestic White Tigers that live in their truest habitat. Encounter the mighty beasts on land or underwater.

Ranthambore is a national park and tiger reserve in Rajasthan state of north-western India. The name Ranthambore stands for the historic Ranthambore fortress, which lies within the national park. The park covers an area of 392 km2, is famous for its Bengal Tigers population, and is one of India's Project Tiger reserves, which got its status as a National Park in 1981. In Bali Safari & Marine Park, we use this abandoned Fort concept to be home to our beautiful White Tigers and Reptiles, where visitors can get up close and watch their way of life.

Kampung Gajah

Meaning ‘Elephant Village’ in the Indonesian language, Kampung Gajah is a sanctuary for retired forestry and other working elephants. Here, visitors can observe the endlessly care these gentle creatures receive and even watch them play.

There is also a free museum dedicated to these noble beasts where you can learn more about the elephants. This area is also a place for Elephant Conservational and Educational shows. You can witness the Elephants having fun in the bath twice a day.

Komodo Dragon

Komodo Dragon (Varanuskomodoensis) is the largest monitor lizard in the world and exists only in the National Park of Komodo Island in Nusa Tenggara Timur (East Nusa Tenggara). This animal is an Indonesian endemic animal and the mascot of the country. Do you know a fun fact about Komodo? The Komodo's saliva has ten kinds of deadly bacteria used to kill its prey. This creature is also capable of detecting the smell of dead animals up to 9 kilometers away.


Leopards may be visible at any time of the day. Where persecuted, they tend to be nocturnal and secretive. But in protected areas, they are more diurnal, even being seen hunting in this broad daylight. Leopards are excellent climbers, being able to descend head first, unlike most cats who climb down hindquarters first. They are good swimmers but will not soak in the water like a tiger.

Bali Starling

Bali Starling also known as the Bali myna (Leucopsar rothschildi), or Bali mynah, locally known as Jalak Bali, is a medium-sized bird. It is critically endangered and in 2018, fewer than 100 adults were assumed to exist in the wild. Bali Safari & Marine Park has been trusted as a Bali Starling conservation site. We are also successful in Bali Starling's releasing program in Bali Barat National Park.

Things To Do

Boasting a lovely view of Mount Agung in the distance, the property is embraced by pristine nature and rare tranquility. Adventurous travelers will have great fun watching and even feeding the wild animals from their own balcony. Leisure travelers may want to explore the traditional Balinese architecture on the premise or lounge around the Kiboko Pool.

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