Breakfast with Lions, a Unique Dining Experience with the King of the Jungle

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Published on August 29, 2022 | Accommodation, Activities, Animals, Hotel, Restaurant, Tips

Mara River Safari Lodge offers a great opportunity for you to interact with animals. One of them is through the Breakfast with Lions program.


Unique Dining Experience

Breakfast with Lions is one of the favorite programs at Mara River Safari Lodge and Bali Safari Park where you can enjoy a delicious breakfast while having wild African lions next to you. But don’t worry, it is 100% safe since you and the lion are separated by a thick glass wall. It’s definitely safe and the king of the jungle won’t snatch your food from your table.

enjoy unique experience during breakfast with the lions

Enjoy the delicious sensation of Tsavo Lion Restaurant’s dishes in every corner of the plate while observing the king of the jungle from your table. In more addition, you can enjoy this program from 08.00 to 10.30 in the morning. However, our restaurant is actually open along the day. In case you wish to have your lunch or dinner there, the staff will be very pleased to welcome and serve you at its best.

Tsavo Lion Restaurant

Unique dining experience at tsavo lions restaurant

Get the special program for free if you stay at our hotel and buy certain packages that include this inclusion. While staying at the hotel, you can also enjoy the Kibo Express. It is is one of the superior facilities at our hotel where you will ride the elephant from the Kiboko Pool. You will go along the Mara River heading into the Tsavo Lion Restaurant.

Hurry up and invite your family and the loved ones to spend the night at Mara River Safari Lodge. Not just a stay, you can enjoy a myriad of exciting and impressive activities here including Breakfast with Lions.

It is a once in a million! A rare opportunity that you rarely get out there. Dine with the king of the jungle. Book your stay now at Mara River Safari Lodge.