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The Mighty Mount Agung of Bali

Mount Agung is classified as an active volcano, located on the island of Bali. It is also the highest point on the island with an altitude of 3,142 meters, featuring a humid and cool temperature. Its cool temperature and fertile soil make Mount Agung the ideal area for farming fruits, vegetables, and flowers.   Mount Agung and Its Sacredness Mount ...

December 21, 2018 Activities, Bali Culture, Nature, Travel

Nyepi – The Day of Silence in Bali

Bali has it's own celebration to honors its New Year, Nyepi, with ultimate silence. Unlike in any other place –When most people celebrates the New Year with vibrant parties. Bali welcomes the New Saka Year as the Day of Silence, where every activity in the island comes to a complete stop. Bali is a unique island. The Purpose of Nyepi ...

December 14, 2018 Activities, Bali Culture, Bali Style, Culture, Tips

Tips – Visiting the Monkey Forest in Ubud

The Ubud Monkey Forest should be on your list of things to do in Gianyar. This forest is not just a point of interest to see monkeys. This sacred Monkey Forest has spiritual, economical, educational, and conservational importance for the residents of Padang Tegal village. You will get to encounter more than 700 monkeys with 186 other species in this ...

December 7, 2018 Activities, Animals, Tips, Travel