Tsavo Lion Restaurant

Tsavo Lion Restaurant invites you to a dining experience where you’ll have a remarkable, close encounter with the King of the jungle. Through full-length glass panels that surround the restaurant, enjoy the delicious dishes while witnessing a pride of lions roaming in their natural habitat. Tsavo Lion Restaurant is the first African-themed restaurant in Asia that allows you to have a close encounter with real wildlife. This fine-dining restaurant is located side by side with the lion's exhibition. You will see the pride of lions in their natural habitat while you enjoy a unique culinary experience.

Uma Restaurant

Restaurants at Mara; Don’t worry about going hungry out in the wild. An array of delicious cuisine awaits at our Uma Restaurant. The all-day dining venue features an exotic Balinese village atmosphere that offers international and Indonesian-Asian specialties prepared fresh from a selection of open-concept counters. This restaurant is located near the Water Play Zone.

Nkuchiro Restaurant

Nkuchiro restaurant is a unique dining experience that offers afternoon high tea, private breakfast with giraffes, BBQ dinner and lunch. The restaurant is set in an African-themed ambience, with close encounters with wildlife.

Things To Do

Boasting a lovely view of Mount Agung in the distance, the property is embraced by pristine nature and rare tranquility. Adventurous travelers will have great fun watching and even feeding the wild animals from their own balcony. Leisure travelers may want to explore the traditional Balinese architecture on the premise or lounge around the Kiboko Pool.

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