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Places to Buy Artistic Souvenirs Around Gianyar

Souvenirs make great gifts for families and friends back home. But in some places, souvenir prices are ridiculously high. We list a few places around Gianyar where you can get more for less – don’t let high prices prevent you from buying gifts! Sukawati Art Market In places like Kuta and Legian, shopkeepers have to pay ridiculously high rent, which ...

December 13, 2019 Activities, Culture, Tips, Travel

5 Awesome Little-Known Facts About Elephants

You know the elephant as the largest, most lovable land mammal that ever walked the plains of Africa. But how much do you know about them? 5 awesome facts about the Elephantidae, the modern elephant family 1. Asian and African elephants are very distant cousins How can you tell whether an elephant is an Asian elephant or an African elephant? ...

December 6, 2019 Activities, Animals, Nature, Tips, Travel