Best Way to Spend Christmas and New Year’s Eve in Gianyar

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Published on December 20, 2019 | Activities, Tips, Travel

When it’s peak season, holidaying in Bali is twice the fun. If you’re exploring the Gianyar region in eastern Bali, you’re in luck! There are so many things to do in Gianyar to celebrate Christmas and New Year. Here we list a few tips on how to spend the season in this underrated holiday destination.

Have yourself … a hearty meal for Christmas

Meal for Christmas

Let your heart and stomach be full of delicious seafood at Pantai Lebih. You might have tried some seafood in Jimbaran before, but this place is not only much closer to Mara River Safari Lodge (only 10 minutes ride by car) but also has pretty decent seafood at a much lower price!

Enjoy the classic fish and lobster with a Balinese twist and amazing sambal. Ayam betutu chicken and duck are also available. Then finish off with a refreshing coconut drink. Or, if you’d like to try elegant rooftop dining where you might see fireworks on the horizon, go to Copper Kitchen in Ubud and experience fine International-Asian culinary masterpieces.

All I want for Christmas is … Ubud

Shopping at Ubud Market

When it comes to Christmas shopping for souvenirs, two places come to mind: Ubud Art Market or Sukawati Art Market, which is also in the Gianyar area. Ubud Art Market is a little further north of the Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary, about 50 minutes from Mara River Safari Lodge.

On a stone path surrounded by colorful umbrellas, you can find anything from small trinkets to elegant gifts and fine crafts, or eye-catching clothing that you can try on.

In Sukawati, a 30 minutes’ drive from Mara River Safari Lodge, you’ll find paintings and sculptures, handmade guitars, and you can even find wholesale jewelry traders where you can barter, bargain, or buy in bulk.

New Year, new mind and spirit

Yoga in Christmas Day

Ubud is known as the hub for meditation, yoga, and spiritual healing practices. The Yoga Barn is one of the most popular yoga studios in the heart of Ubud, quite close to the Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary.

In this location, you can expect fresh mountain air and a cool oxygen-rich atmosphere from all the trees growing in the area. They also have a healthy restaurant and treatment rooms to positively relax the body, mind, and soul.

If New Year is all about rejuvenating your worn-out spirit due to all the stresses of work, this is the perfect opportunity to start anew.

Beach parties and fireworks


The locals believe that fireworks drive evil spirits away. Whether it’s Christmas or New Year (or anytime in between), you will find a few folks shamelessly lighting up fireworks on the quieter part of the beach.

But when it comes to a post-countdown firework show, you can bet on a fantastic sight. While Gianyar’s beaches aren’t crowded enough to heat up the place with parties and booze, you can travel a little further south to Sanur, just a 30-minute drive from Mara River Safari Lodge.

This eastern beach has a manageable crowd, not as crowded as Kuta or Legian and also not as far, but also not too quiet. You can find music and bars that open all the way through the night during this special time of year.

Here are just our recommendations on what to do for Christmas and New Year in Gianyar. Of course, once you get here, it’s your playground to explore. Just be sure to book a room at Mara River Safari Lodge before we get fully booked! Spend the night at a strategic place in Gianyar.