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Published on July 27, 2018 | Accommodation, Activities, Bali Style, Culture, Hotel

Explore the traditional Gianyar Night Market on your next trip to Ubud and enjoy a whole new and unique local experience:

If you’re craving to explore and experience something authentically local while holidaying in Ubud, Bali, do visit the famous The Gianyar Night Market that’s located just a few minutes drive away from the centre of Ubud. The Gianyar Night Market on Jalan Ngurah Rai usually starts getting busy at about 5pm every evening. The locals call it the “Pasar Senggol Gianyar” or the “Pasar Malam Gianyar”.

The Gianyar Night Market
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Here, you’ll find a large number of hawkers and vendors offering a variety of local snacks and favourite cuisines in the midst of all the clatter and clamour including the traditional favourite Babi Guling or Suckling Pig, Bakso – chicken or beef meatball with soup, Chicken or Lamb Satay and a selection of local Indonesian and Balinese snacks and sweets also called “Jaje Bali” or “Jaje Pasar”.

Do try one – a delicious sweet treat would be the “Klepon”, a tantalizing combination of steamed coconut, palm sugar and glutinous rice balls and wrapped in banana leaf. Those who want something a little bit heavier can try the Nasi Jinggo – rice with shredded spicy chicken, nuts and sambal that costs as low as Rp 5,000 each. The options are endless and everything is worth a try.

The Gianyar Night Market is a great option for a bustling night out that’s drastically different than anything else you might experience. While there, do take your time to stroll through the market, explore every stall and savour every taste and smell. In addition to delicious local foods, you could also purchase fruits, vegetables, jewellery, toys, clothes, knock-off DVDs, household items and tools and of course, the Balinese prayer items like flowers and incense sticks.

Once it starts to get dark, the night market takes on a mini city-like ambience, with flickering fluorescent lights, lamp lights and smoke drifting up from the plethora of foods being cooked. The hustle and bustle can be hypnotizing, and a great way to explore local living at its best. The Gianyar Night Market is only 20-minutes from central Ubud by car. Your best bet is to get a driver to drop you off and wait until you’re done.

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