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Forget the Alarm, Embrace the Roar

Animal lovers! Have you ever imagined waking up not to the jarring sound of an alarm, but to the joyful calls of animals greeting the dawn? Yes, this unique experience awaits you at Mara River Safari Lodge! This place is not just a lodge, but a heaven for animal lovers who adore the beauty of nature and challenging adventures.

A Morning Cup with the Striped Symphony

Experience animal encounter from your balcony at Mara

Start your perfect morning with a warm cup of tea or coffee while welcoming the dawn that slowly illuminates the savanna. Step out onto your private balcony at Mara River Safari Lodge. Feel the gentle caress of the morning breeze carrying the distinct aroma of the African wilderness. As you sip your warm tea, watch in awe as zebras, with their characteristic black and white stripes, graze peacefully nearby. The running zebras create a beautiful and harmonious sight to accompany your unforgettable morning tea time.

Where Wildlife Meets Wellbeing at Mara

Kiboko Pool at Mara

Enjoy precious moments outside your room by energizing yourself with the beauty of the surrounding nature through various activities available at Mara River Safari Lodge. This place is the perfect choice to stretch your body and breathe fresh air amidst swaying palm trees. Start your day fresh by jogging on trails surrounded by exotic bird chirps or enjoy the peace with a refreshing yoga session while witnessing the beauty of the savanna. And don’t forget the opportunity to take a dip in the Kiboko Pool while feeling the captivating symphony of the wild. So many exciting morning adventures await you at Mara River Safari Lodge!

A Wild Encounter at Mara Breakfast  

breakfast with giraffe

After enjoying the refreshing morning activities, it’s time to refuel with a delicious and appetizing breakfast. Various special menus are ready to be enjoyed, either by ordering breakfast in your exclusive private room with loved ones. However, for animal lovers who want a different experience, there are exciting options available to enjoy breakfast in the morning. At Tsavo Lion Restaurant, you can experience a unique breakfast moment with the presence of fascinating lions, while Nkuchiro Restaurant offers a breakfast experience with friendly giraffes ready to make your day unforgettable!

Mara River Safari Lodge isn’t just a place to stay; it’s an invitation to reconnect with the rhythm of the wild. So, ditch your alarm clock and embrace the untamed beauty of a sunrise serenaded by nature’s orchestra. This is where unforgettable mornings begin. Don’t wait any longer, book your unforgettable adventure today at Mara Website!