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Bali – Balinese Traditional Clothing and Etiquette

Balinese culture is nothing short of enchanting. If you’ve always wanted to witness a Balinese religious ceremony, you could always visit a Bali temple to see prayers taking place, you need wear sort of Bali traditional clothing and having some etiquette. The best time to do so is when a large ceremony is being held, such as during full moons ...

July 28, 2018 Activities, Bali Style, Culture

Explore Gianyar: Experience The Gianyar Night Market

Explore the traditional Gianyar Night Market on your next trip to Ubud and enjoy a whole new and unique local experience: If you’re craving to explore and experience something authentically local while holidaying in Ubud, Bali, do visit the famous The Gianyar Night Market that’s located just a few minutes drive away from the centre of Ubud. The Gianyar Night Market ...

July 27, 2018 Accommodation, Activities, Bali Style, Culture, Hotel

How To Care For Injured Wildlife

If you’re reading this, then you’re probably an avid animal lover with a few pets to call your own. Some days, you might come across injured, orphaned or lost wildlife near your home or office. As an animal lover, you’d probably want to help them get to safety. Here’s how you can care for wildlife while keeping yourself safe and ...

July 6, 2018 Animals