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Published on July 25, 2018 | Accommodation, Activities, Bali Style, Culture, Hotel

Want to know more about the Balinese traditional clothing? Here are some points that will give you great insights:

While holidaying in Bali, you would have seen the local Balinese in their beautiful traditional clothing. The women wear white or colourful kebaya paired with a batik kamben which is very similar to a sarong, a sash tied around their waist and flowers in their hair.
The men wear white shirts, batik or songket kamben with an overlay called the saput. It comes with a decorative border and is usually white or patterned, a sash and a traditional headdress called the Udeng.

The kamben is wrapped differently for both men and women – men would wrap the kamben around their waist with a fold in the front while women will wrap it tightly around them to ensure that no folds or drapes could be seen.

Balinese Traditional clothing
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While the kebaya can be made from any kind of materials, lace is the more popular choice these days. The kebaya is worn with a corset underneath, especially by the older women. White kebayas are more suited for religious ceremonies while activities and events taking place at the banjar. The village or family houses let the women express their colourful sides and wear any coloured or themed kebaya of their choosing. During village or town events, the Balinese ladies would sometimes wear matching kebaya and sarong provided by the banjar.

Balinese traditional clothing, especially kebaya did not previously exist in Bali. It came about during the era of Dutch colonialism of Indonesia and Bali. In the past, women would leave their breasts exposed while working around the house, going to the market, planting paddy and tending to the children. Of course, more modesty would be required for women attending prayers at a temple.

While the kebaya and white shirts would suffice for prayers, a more elaborate Balinese costume is required during more important events like weddings, potong gigi or teeth-cutting where those participating will don gold-plated headdresses and accessories.

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