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Top 3 Instagrammable Places in Gianyar

Imagine going to a place that is perfect for nature photography: Bali long-tail grey monkeys, waterfalls, rice terraces, winding paths through a rainforest, and an ancient Balinese temple – all of these are found in one area, that is Gianyar region. Get ready to do some exploring, because we have some local advice on where you can find the most ...

July 10, 2020 Activities, Bali Culture, Culture, Tips, Travel

A Local Guide to Ubud Markets

Ubud is often associated with imagery of exotic rice fields and dense rainforests, and a creative center of arts and crafts – sold in the Ubud Markets. In this article, we’ll write a short guide for those planning to go to Ubud. Traveling to Ubud Despite its small size, many roads have been built to lead you to Ubud from ...

May 8, 2020 Activities, Bali Culture, Culture, Tips, Travel

Bali Cultural Focus: Traditional Barong Dance in Ubud, Gianyar

The gamelan orchestra transports you to the mystical side of Bali. Every beat of the bronze gongs and ancient xylophones draws you closer into a curious yet unknown world. Two monkeys enter from the stage curtain, along with the antagonist. Speaking in coarse Balinese, the witch incites an evil scheme, which allows more characters to enter the stage, including the ...

April 3, 2020 Activities, Bali Culture, Culture, Travel

Places to Buy Artistic Souvenirs Around Gianyar

Souvenirs make great gifts for families and friends back home. But in some places, souvenir prices are ridiculously high. We list a few places around Gianyar where you can get more for less – don’t let high prices prevent you from buying gifts! Sukawati Art Market In places like Kuta and Legian, shopkeepers have to pay ridiculously high rent, which ...

December 13, 2019 Activities, Culture, Tips, Travel

Sustainable shopping in Ubud

Are you looking to do some shopping in Ubud? Being the cultural center in Bali, Ubud is an excellent place to get yourself some authentic, unique finds that are handmade or sustainable in nature.  In this article, we’ll be highlighting some of the best places to shop for sustainable products in Ubud.     Threads of Life Gallery Located in ...

August 16, 2019 Activities, Culture, Nature