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Experiencing the African Wilderness at Mara River Safari Lodge

Mara River Safari Lodge is a unique destination that allows you to experience the beauty of nature and African wildlife without leaving Bali. Located in Taman Safari & Marine Park, Cisarua, Bali, this lodge offers an unforgettable safari experience and more than just ordinary accommodation. Staying Amidst Wild Animals One thing that makes Mara River Safari Lodge so special is ...

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Mara River Lodge, Symphony of Wilderness in Luxurious Accommodation

Welcome to Mara River Safari Lodge, a place where the harmony between wilderness and luxury converges into a captivating symphony. One of the must-visit places for wildlife enthusiasts is Mara River Safari Lodge at Bali Safari. Located in the heart of the Bali Safari and Marine Park, Mara River Lodge offers an unparalleled experience in combining the beauty of wildlife ...

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The Loyalty of Javan Gibbons: They Only Get Married Once in a Lifetime!

Hi, young folks! Have you ever heard of the Javan gibbon? Don't be mistaken, even though its name sounds ordinary, this creature has a super special love life, which is monogamous. Well, for those who don't know, here's an exciting story about them that might make you feel emotional! What Is Monogamy? Monogamy is a marriage system where one male ...

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To welcome World Rhino Day, Bali Safari will hold a spectacular Carnival Rhino.

Bali Safari & Marine will hold a spectacular celebration to commemorate World Rhino Day this year. This annual event is held in a dazzling celebration called "Carnival Rhino." The event not only commemorates World Rhino Day but also provides an opportunity for visitors to have fun and get to know rhinos, iconic animals that we need to protect together. What ...

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