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Things You Won’t Find Anywhere except at Bali Safari Hotel

Mara River Safari Lodge As the only thematic hotel with an African panorama in Bali, there are many things that you won't find anywhere except here. Bali Safari hotel, the Mara River Safari Lodge has continuously served the guest with great services and hospitality combined with an exceptional view of Savannah Africa. Are you there wondering, aren’t you? Let’s have ...

February 25, 2023 Accommodation, Activities, Tips, Travel, vacation

The Koi, Fish that Brings Fortune

Do you like keeping fishes in your pond? What kind of fishes live in it? – If you have Koi fish, then you must be conscious of the myths about it can brings fortune. Koi, is a fish name that come from the Japanese words which means carp. The name also have a meaning of affection or love! Habitat The ...

February 15, 2023 Activities, Animal