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Ogoh-Ogoh, a Bali Giant Puppet

  Ogoh-Ogoh symbolizes giant creature with scary and ferocious appearance. Nyepi Day in Bali is very identical with Ogoh-Ogoh. For most people, Ogoh-Ogoh is the most interesting event among the series of Nyepi Ceremony. This giant puppets are paraded in the Pengrupukan night, which is a day before the Saka New Year or so called Nyepi Day. This puppet whose appearance is ...

February 25, 2022 Accommodation, Activities, Bali Culture, Culture, Tips, Travel

Wallaby: The Little Kangaroo

When you're staying at our Mara River Safari Lodge, you’ll have access to our park. Do you know that our park is the home to over an hundred species of animals? One of them is the one native to Australia, Wallaby. Wallaby is a members of the kangaroo clan found primarily in Australia and on nearby islands. There are many ...

February 17, 2022 Activities, Animal, Animals, Hotel, Nature, Tips, Travel

Silence Day Package 2022

Enjoy the tranquility with complimentary to access our Bali Safari Park and enjoy Feed the Predators’ Program; a thrilling experience you will always remember. Nyepi or known as the silence day is coming. Unlock the Magic of Nyepi Day with this irresistible Nyepi offer. Let’s experience 3 days 2 nights Silence Day Package in Mara River Safari Lodge. It is ...

February 15, 2022 Accommodation, Activities, Animal, Animals, Bali Culture, Culture, Hotel, Restaurant, Tips, Travel

Simple Guide to Nyepi Day

This March is a perfect time to reflect upon our lives. Celebrate this thoughtful moment, amidst the green tranquil haven and discover the milky way on Nyepi night only at Mara River Safari Lodge. Whilst local Balinese Hindus stay home to follow their religious rights and obligations, other residents find this time perfect for a Nyepi staycation. Mara River Safari Lodge ...

February 11, 2022 Accommodation, Activities, Animal, Bali Culture, Bali Style, Culture, Hotel, Tips, Travel

Valentine Vacation: Safari Packages + Free Dinner and Cocktail

It’s a great news to all couples out there. Mara River Safari lodge has special offer for you to celebrate the month of love through our Valentine Vacation. It is a Safari Packages plus Free Dinner and Cocktail. Let’s spread the love with us here! Please come in hurry to our website to grab this precious opportunity and make your ...

February 9, 2022 Accommodation, Activities, Animal, Animals, Bali Style, Culture, Hotel, Nature, Restaurant, Tips, Travel

Meerkat: Cute Little Animal from the Desert

A “kat” is not a “cat” when it’s a meerkat, a vital, clever, and amazing weasel-like animal that is a member of the mongoose family. The meerkat (Suricata suricatta) or suricate is a small mongoose found in southern Africa. Physical Appearance Meerkat characterized by a broad head, large eyes, a pointed snout, long legs, a thin tapering tail, and a brindled coat pattern. It is slender and ...

February 7, 2022 Accommodation, Activities, Animal, Animals, Restaurant, Tips, Travel