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Published on February 20, 2022 | Accommodation, Animal, Animals, Culture, Hotel, Nature, Tips, Travel

Besides of seeing animals through Safari Journey, our park is a best place for you to gain knowledge. It is because of our commitment to continuously conserve and educate people. One of the best ways to make it true is by delivering those knowledge and message publicly: through the animal presentations. Here we go!

Animals Show

Animal Show

Animals Show represents many animals starting from the common animals to the endangered one.  Here, you will be amused yet educated by the animal attraction. There are some kinds of animals here such as dove, magnificent python, the gorgeous binturong, and wonderful Orangutan. They are all try to imply message to the visitors that human must live together with animal and plants. It is because human, plants, and animal take an important role toward ecosystem. This show is available every day at Hanuman Stage at 10.30 AM and 15.00 PM.

Harimau Show: From Predator to Prey Presentation

Tiger Show

Harimau, also known as Big Cat, is a mesmerizing attraction takes place at Harimau Amphitheatre. You can watch this show daily but only once a day at 11.15 AM. This show will let you know of kinds of tiger in this world. There are actually kinds of tiger that is extinct and endangered. This show has a story of the Bali Tiger in Bali and its relation to the human living. People are hoping to be aware and care of the environment.  Be a witness of how our marvelous tigers do running, climbing, and swimming.

Elephant Show

Elephant Show

There are two kinds of elephants in this world:  Asian and African Elephant. In this show, you will be introduced with the story of the Sumatran Elephant in Sumatra. Moreover, you will be informed of the differences between Asian and African Elephant. On this show, how the elephant swimming, walking, and even standing will amaze you.

Not only entertainment, but also educating: edutainment. It is the best expression to convey our animal presentations’ purpose.