Exciting Family-Friendly Destination, Let’s Go to Taman Safari Bali!

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Published on October 12, 2023 | Accommodation, Activities, Animal, Culture, Hotel, Tips, Travel, Uncategorized, vacation

Bali, with its legendary beauty, is not only a suitable place for couples seeking exciting vacations or solo adventurers looking for a challenge. It is also the perfect place for an unforgettable family vacation.

One of the best family-friendly tourist destinations on the Island of the Gods is Taman Safari Bali. This park offers an extraordinary experience with its wildlife, captivating shows, and breathtaking natural landscapes that will enchant all family members.

Exploring Nature at Taman Safari Bali

Taman Safari Bali is located in Gianyar, about 17 kilometers from Ubud. The park is a combination of a traditional zoo and an amusement park, making it an ideal place for fun and learning. It provides a natural habitat for various animal species, including tigers, elephants, giraffes, zebras, and many more.


One aspect that makes Taman Safari Bali so special is its unique “safari” concept. Visitors can explore the park using the provided safari trams. During the journey, you’ll pass through vast grasslands and artificial lakes where animals roam freely. It’s a rare opportunity to see wildlife in an environment that closely resembles their natural habitat.

Direct Interaction with Wildlife

In addition to the safari journey, Taman Safari Bali also offers various interactive activities that allow both children and adults to get closer to the animals. You can feed the elephants, take photos with exotic animals like orangutans, or even play with small animals in the petting zoo.

Girrafe Feeding for kids at Bali Safari Hotel

Exciting Rides and Shows

Taman Safari Bali also has various rides suitable for children, such as cable cars, water slides, and swing rides. Moreover, don’t miss the entertaining wildlife education shows, such as the elephant education show, tiger education show, and other animal educational presentations. Children will surely enjoy watching these animals in action.

water park and fun zone

A Convenient and Family-Friendly Getaway

After exploring the park and enjoying all the activities offered. You can visit the restaurants in Taman Safari Bali that serve delicious meals. Safari-goers can savor local and international cuisine while enjoying the beautiful park scenery. Taman Safari Bali is also family-friendly with facilities designed for the comfort of families, including restrooms, nursing rooms, and play areas for young children.

When visiting Taman Safari Bali, don’t forget to stay at Mara River Safari Lodge. Because this is one of the unique accommodations in Bali Safari Park. The lodge offers an unforgettable stay amidst the amazing wilderness. The lodge provides exclusive facilities for guests, including a restaurant with delicious dishes, a beautiful swimming pool, and a spa for relaxation. All of this makes the experience of staying at Mara River Safari Lodge very comfortable.

If you’re planning a family vacation to Bali, be sure to include Taman Safari Bali on your destination list. It’s a place that will provide unforgettable memories for everyone. Enjoy your exciting vacations to Taman Safari Bali.