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Published on December 7, 2018 | Activities, Animals, Tips, Travel

The Ubud Monkey Forest should be on your list of things to do in Gianyar.

This forest is not just a point of interest to see monkeys. This sacred Monkey Forest has spiritual, economical, educational, and conservational importance for the residents of Padang Tegal village.

Photo Source : Jared Rice

You will get to encounter more than 700 monkeys with 186 other species in this huge 12,5 hectares of forest. In addition, there is also more to see as the Monkey Forest also comprises three temples, to add on to your cultural experience.

You may have read or heard stories of unfortunate accidents that happened to visitors here. However, there are also people who have enjoyed their trip, exploring temples and observing monkeys.

Most unfortunate stories you have heard are most probably about people who did not abide to the rules and regulations in the first place. To have an enjoyable visit to the Monkey Forest in Ubud, here are some precautions that you need to take.

 Visiting the Monkey Forest in Ubud
Photo Source : Paolo Nicolello
  • Only bring things that are necessary for you. Do not bring any items that you do not want to lose, including sunglasses, jewelry, etc. Just wear proper clothing and have nothing hanging off you.
  • If you have any plastic or paper bags with you, it is suggested to leave them at the ticket counter.
  • Leave the food outside. Do not take any food with you including bananas to feed the monkeys. Always check and empty your bags and pockets for any food left, including small candies. The monkeys have good sense of smell and they might go after it. Monkeys are pretty persistent and will not take no for an answer.
 Visiting the Monkey Forest in Ubud
Photo Source : Max Rovensky
  • Do not feed the monkey with food from outside. Teasing them with food might be tempting, but to maintain their health, do not feed them with your snacks – biscuits, nuts, bread, etc.
  • Resist your attempt to touch them. These monkeys may look cute but can get extremely fierce in no time. It is best to keep a distance and observe them within a range. They are still wild animals after all.
  • If by any chance you got bitten or scratched, immediately seek for medical assistance to ensure you didn’t catch any disease.
 Visiting the Monkey Forest in Ubud
Photo Source : Mihai Surdu

Before visiting the Ubud Monkey Forest, read and pay attention to the rules. If you would like to explore more animals and see other wild animals in Bali, try to stay at Mara River Safari Lodge.

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