What to do in Bali during the Rainy Season

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Published on February 13, 2019 | Activities, Bali Culture, Bali Style, Tips, Travel

Bali is known for its sunny clear skies and vibrant atmosphere. Though the sun does bring Bali’s true character to life, you can still enjoy Bali even during its rainy season.

If you happen to be visiting Bali during the rain or “green” season as the locals refer to it, you are in for a treat.

First, travel and accommodation costs are generally lower during the rainy season because the majority of people book their travels during the peak and sunny season.

Therefore, you can save quite a lot and perhaps even upgrade your accommodation for the same price a standard room during the rainy season.

Another benefit of visiting Bali during the rainy season is less crowds and tourists, especially for popular locations where you usually have to compete with other travelers.

In this article we have a list of ideas that you can list on your agenda when visiting Bali during the rain season:


What to do in Bali during the Rainy Season
Jatiluwih Rice Terrace | Photo Source : DaFranzos

Rice Terraces in Jatiluwih, Tabanan

Jatiluwih is famous for its beautiful rice terraces that is located in Tabanan. The irrigation channels here are so artfully crafted that the village of Jatiluwih has been appointed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in July 2012.

The rain is a blessing in this part of Bali as it helps to nourish and hydrate the crops, as well as replenish the water in the terraces. The result is a shimmering effect on the vegetation in the terraces as well as a refreshing scent of fresh air.


What to do in Bali during the Rainy Season
Tegalalang Rice Terrace | Photo Source : Laura Cros

Rice terraces in Tegalalang, Ubud

The Rice terraces in Ubud is another great destination to visit after the rain. Much like the terraces in Jatiluwih, the greenery and vegetations become more crisp and fresh after the rainfall.

This makes it a perfect destination for a relaxing walk as the rolling terraces stretch out in front of you.


What to do in Bali during the Rainy Season
Tirta Empul | Photo Source : Artem Bali

Tirta Empul, Gianyar

Tirta Empul is a complex of temples that is dedicated to the Hindu God of Vishnu. The temple features beautiful ornate water fountains and a bathing area that is used for ritual purification rituals.

Guests are welcomed to participate in the holy purification ritual that involves going into the bathing area and cleansing their face and body with the water from the fountains.

During the peak season, this temple is packed with visitors creating a significant line if you want to perform the ritual. The rainy season sees less visitors and is the perfect time to go especially since you will be getting wet anyways.


What to do in Bali during the Rainy Season
Bali Safari Park | Photo Source : Bali Safari Park

Bali Safari Park, Gianyar

Bali Safari Park is also a great destination for visitors to go to during the rainy season. Due to less crowds, visitors will have more freedom to see the animals up close as well as sit closer during the many educational animal presentations.

There is also the world renowned Bali Agung Show that is performed indoors in a state of the art theater.

Don’t let the rainy stop you from having a good time in Bali! If anything, it is one of the better times to visit due to the lower accommodation and ticket prices.

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