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Published on February 7, 2020 | Activities, Animals, Restaurant, Tips, Travel

tsavo lion restaurant

We all spend time with our significant other in our own unique way. But when it comes to choosing a place for the perfect date, we can all agree that there have to be at least three things present at the venue:

  • Good view
  • Good ambiance
  • Good food

Bali Safari Park’s very own Tsavo Lion Restaurant features everything you need to set up the perfect date.

You get to choose from a wide selection of Indonesian and Western cuisine. Start off with some tasty classical Caesar salad with prawns or chicken, or try the Thai beef salad, if you like to enjoy something spicy.

Then move on to warm soup to accompany the lighthearted conversations with your lover. Grills, pasta, or Indonesian favorites, artfully crafted by our passionate chefs, will satisfy your appetite, a quality dish for quality time.

The tropical, African-themed decorations that encompass the restaurant may remind you of the little cafe in Jurassic Park (1993) – at least before the raptors attack.

But you are being watched…

Outside the giant glass wall surrounding one face of the restaurant, you find the world of wildlife – a beautifully dangerous place to be – in which a pride of lions guards its territory with calm but watchful eyes.

You may find, of course, that the lions are far more relaxed in their territory than you have previously imagined. That’s great for both you and the lions!

Lion behaviors in Tsavo Lion Restaurant

The pride of lions behaves rather similarly as if they were in nature. In Bali Safari Park, they are content with each other’s company and are regularly fed by our Safari Ranger. This means that the lions will exhibit behaviors shared by all cats when living a comfortable lifestyle:

They relax, take long naps, and sometimes they play with each other when they know that food is abundant. This behavior is also observed in the wild.

On the contrary, lions pacing around during the day, producing territorial growls and roars, and having violent disputes with each other, are not happy! This means they are not comfortable inside the exhibit and are feeling anxious.

Bali Safari Park takes animal welfare very seriously. We believe that any animal park purposely creating anxiety in animals to “get them to be more active” is abusive and exploitative.

The restaurant is open for dinner for Mara River Safari Lodge guests!

Dinner with Lion in restaurant

It is possible to time your date when the lions are more active – which is normally at night. This is unsurprising because lions are nocturnal; they have evolved to hunt at night to take advantage of their night vision.

Our advice is to book at least one night at Mara River Safari Lodge to experience the full potential of Tsavo Lion Restaurant. The experience will be far more enjoyable – you will have a romantic dinner, enjoy a full view of lively lions in their feeding time, and end the day in a unique safari lodge. Click here to see our room offers.

As an added bonus, when you wake up the next day and walk up to the balcony to enjoy the morning sun, you will see a herd of zebras, wildebeests, ostriches, and rhinos grazing peacefully in a wide-open savannah field!