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Valentine’s Day in Bali : 4 Things to Do

With Valentine's Day just around the corner it’s about time you think about how you can make a lasting impression with your significant other. If you’re still wondering what do for Valentines Day in Bali, here are a list of top activities for you. Here at Mara River Safari Lodge we have a selection of activities that would be perfect ...

February 6, 2019 Activities, Tips

Traveling to Ubud with a Baby

As one of the most exotic travel destinations, Bali offers many sights and sceneries for your family to enjoy. The rich Balinese culture and traditions will surely leave a lasting impression for your children. If you’ve been planning or daydreaming about traveling to Ubud with a baby or young one, we have some tips and destination suggestions that you may ...

January 11, 2019 Activities, Bali Style, Nature, Tips, Travel

Bali Travel Tips 2019 – Weather in Bali

One of the perks of being an island on the equator is having relatively consistent weather throughout the year. Bali is located about eight degrees south of the Equator, providing tropical weather year round. Whether you plan on trekking to the mountains, scuba diving in the crystal clear water, visiting safari park, chasing waterfalls or sunbathing on the beach, Bali is ...

January 4, 2019 Activities, Nature, Tips, Travel

Travelling to Bali (Do’s and Don’ts) 2019

When travelling to Bali, you will encounter a unique culture and meet many friendly and tolerant locals. As a responsible tourist, you’d want to get to know about the culture of Bali and how to behave in certain situations and settings before visiting this beautiful island. Things that are completely normal back at home could possibly be rude here in ...

December 28, 2018 Activities, Tips, Travel

Tips – Visiting the Monkey Forest in Ubud

The Ubud Monkey Forest should be on your list of things to do in Gianyar. This forest is not just a point of interest to see monkeys. This sacred Monkey Forest has spiritual, economical, educational, and conservational importance for the residents of Padang Tegal village. You will get to encounter more than 700 monkeys with 186 other species in this ...

December 7, 2018 Activities, Animals, Tips, Travel

Things To Do In East Bali

Sick of all the noise and traffic in South Bali? If you’re someone looking for a little bit of quiet, culture and tradition, then head towards East Bali for some luxurious tranquility. Here are some of the things you can do while exploring East Bali. Gunung Agung Even if you’re not into mountain climbing, seeing Gunung Agung “up-close” from the ...

September 28, 2018 Activities, Bali Culture, Tips, Travel