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Published on May 16, 2022 | Accommodation, Activities, Animal, Hotel, Restaurant

Mara River Safari Lodge Lobby

This reading is the next part of the first article you read before. And if you didn’t, let’s have a quick glance here. It is about things you won’t find anywhere except in Mara River Safari Lodge.

Let’s experience an unforgettable staycation in our lodge whilst learning many new things about animals and interact with them safely.

  1. Breakfast with Lions

Lion view from Tsavo Lion Restaurant

Have you ever imagined having breakfast with the king of the jungle? Come to Mara River Safari Lodge now and let’s make it happen. It is once in a million chance when you are so close to the lions while enjoying the tasty dishes in Tsavo Lion Restaurant.

But please do not worry, everything is under control. The lions won’t grab your tasty food. We guarantee that!

  1. Safari Journey

Safari Journey at Bali Safari Mara River Safari Lodge

Besides of the free admission to the park, you are also able to enjoy our Safari Journey. Let’s enjoy a 30-minutes-ride to see all animals from a closer range. Here, you will be on a Safari bus tram and go in to the jungle, where all wild animals are freely walking around corner to corner.

  1. Kiboko Pool overlooking African Panorama

Kiboko Pool

Once you are staying in our lodge, you are actually have a free access to Kiboko Pool. It is the best place for you to cool down yourself in the water while observing the wild animals, including the African panorama atmosphere. There are many wild animals walking and playing around right in front of your room and pool. There are zebras, wildebeest, rhinos, and many more. Wow, how on earth you would miss it!

  1. Water Play Zone

Mara River Safari Lodge Water Play Zone at Bali Safari

In case you or your beloved child willing to play more in the water, let’s have a walk to our Water Play Zone. It is the best place for you and even your kiddos to play and sliding on to the water.

This time, do not imagine it anymore. Let’s experience it now. Give me a simple click for more information about this exciting staying at Mara River Safari Lodge here.