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Published on August 23, 2019 | Nature

When you live on an island, everything around becomes more precious and valuable. Part of this may be due to the limited amount of resources that you have on an island, as well as the more immediate impact you have on the environment from your actions. 

To embrace the spirit of being eco-friendly, here are the different ways you can experience Bali in a more eco-friendly way.


Renting bikes to get around


rent bicycle bali


There are many places around Bali where it is very safe and friendly for bikers. Ubud, for example, is an excellent place for you to rent a bicycle and soak in the culture and lush vegetation in the surrounding villages.


Bring your own tote bags




As of January 2019, Bali has officially declared a ban on single-use plastic items. Almost all of the supermarkets, mini-marts, restaurants, etc will not provide you with plastic bags anymore – which is great news for the island! Therefore, you should anticipate this by bringing your own tote bags so you can contribute to saving the environment! Don’t worry if you haven’t remembered this, they are available for purchase at most supermarkets.


Use metal drinking straws or don’t use straws at all

To stay in the spirit of reducing plastic usage in Bali, many coffee shops in Bali are favoring bio-degradable straws made of paper instead of plastic straws. Some places, like Starbucks go the extra mile and forfeit straws completely, and offer special lids for you to drink from without plastic straws.


Carpool with shuttles and online taxis

If you know where to look, there are plenty of shuttles that you can use to get around Bali. We have a dedicated shuttle here at Mara River Safari Lodge to transport our in-house guests around Bali. So, make sure to ask our staff, and we’ll help you on your way to explore Bali!

We hope that this article has motivated you to also keep with the theme of conservation on your visit to Bali. Everything starts from ourselves, if more and more people start to be more eco-friendly you will definitely be able to leave a positive impact on Bali!