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Published on March 6, 2019 | Bali Style, Tips, Travel

Good news comes from Bali who creates a new regulation that bans the use of single-use plastic in Bali!

Bali is blessed with beautiful silky beaches, gorgeous blue waters and sculpted landscapes. This blessing has made Bali one of the most desirable travel destinations in the world.

However with the increase in tourism, Bali has also felt the consequences that has plagued some of its landscape.


Bali Bans Single Used Plastic Bag
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Plastic Bans in Bali

The Governor of Bali, I Wayan Koster, has recently announced a ban on single-use plastic following the Bali’s Gubernatorial Regulation No. 97/2018.

This new regulation comes into effect as of January 1st, 2019 with the Governor expressing high hopes that the policy will reduce the plastic pollution by 70% within a year.

The policy will ban the use of plastic-based materials by producers, distributors, and suppliers of businesses.

Individuals are also encouraged to start using reusable bags in favor of plastic bags.

The policy is designed to take effect six months following the announcement, giving businesses plenty of time to adjust and make changes to their business practices.

The regulation does not yet cover the entire island nor the smaller businesses such as local markets or shops.

However, it is a step in the right direction and one that hopefully gains more momentum as the public becomes more aware of how detrimental plastic is on the environment.


Bali Bans single used plastic
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Travel Tips to Bali

With the new regulation bans the use of single-use plastic, we recommend you bring your own reusable tote bags when traveling around Bali.

Most places will have tote bags to purchase if you don’t have your own, however it is still better to carry one, just in case.

By carrying your own reusable bags, not only are you keeping our environment clean, but you’re also helping to maintain the overall quality of the beaches and waters in Bali. You can make a change by using your own re-usable bags first.

The regulation for banning plastic has been received positively by the people of Bali, with many sellers and businesses gradually shifting their practices to slowly phase out the use of plastics.

Make sure you bring your reusable bags to use at Mara River Safari Lodge as well.

Remember, when you reduce plastic, you also help out the animals and the environment around you!