Traveling to Ubud with a Baby

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Published on January 11, 2019 | Activities, Bali Style, Nature, Tips, Travel

As one of the most exotic travel destinations, Bali offers many sights and sceneries for your family to enjoy. The rich Balinese culture and traditions will surely leave a lasting impression for your children.

If you’ve been planning or daydreaming about traveling to Ubud with a baby or young one, we have some tips and destination suggestions that you may want to consider to put on your agenda.

Travel to Ubud with a Baby
Visiting Bali Safari Park

Bali is a place where the culture and religion are rich and temples are scattered throughout the island. Ubud in particular is often regarded as the cultural heart of Bali, with its lush jungle setting and prominent cultural practices by the locals.

Some places, such as religious and sacred grounds will have certain etiquettes they expect guests to follow.

In this article we will be covering our recommended places in Ubud that are family-friendly and some tips to make your travel with baby and family as smooth as possible.


Travel to Ubud with a Baby

Traveling to Ubud with a Baby

As the cultural heart of Bali, Ubud offers a distinct atmosphere surrounded by lush gardens and beautiful rice terraces that makes for a quiet and relaxing place to take your children to.

They will enjoy the fresh air and beautiful scenery as you drive up to Ubud. The town is home to unique small cafes and boutiques that sell an array healthy food and fresh fruits for your children to munch on.

We recommend you plan the day early and go in the morning when there are fewer customers crowding the boutiques. If your baby aren’t early risers, perhaps you can get a quick foot massage from the many places in Ubud while they’re still having their morning nap.


Traveling to Ubud with a Baby
Photo Source : Jared Rice

Monkey Forest

Monkey Forest is perhaps one of the most famous destinations in Ubud. It is always intriguing to visit to witness the sheer number of monkeys that coexist and interact with the locals here.

Be aware that some monkeys will engage with you physically depending on how you behave in the forest. Guests will be expected to comply with the rules and etiquettes established by the locals here.


Traveling to Ubud with a Baby
Bali Paddys Terrace | Photo Source ( Skitterphoto )

Rice Terraces

Other places worth noting are the beautiful rice terraces we mentioned earlier. Walk along the serene and beautifully laid out rice terraces behind the streets of Ubud for a relaxing and tranquil day with your baby.

Traveling with your baby to Ubud is actually quite a breeze. Mini markets are ubiquitous and can be found everywhere in Bali, with the majority of them opening 24 hours. Meaning you will always be in proximity to get supplies such as wipes, diapers and other needs.

We love children and young babies here at Mara River Safari Lodge. If you are traveling with a baby to Ubud and need assistance with setting up a cot; or with baby amenities please do get in touch with us at the time of booking.