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Published on March 6, 2022 | Accommodation, Activities, Hotel, Nature, Tips, Travel

Mara River Safari Lodge is the best escape for you and your couple after a busy day at work.

You may want to spend your weekend and wondering for the right choice. Here is the answer. Our lodge has special room for both of you to recharge yourself and boost your happiness.

  1. Swala Deluxe Room

Swala Deluxe

This deluxe single room ground level retreat accommodates two people. It is enveloped by indigenous long grass and foliage to recreate the sensation of communing with nature. Swala is a unique suite for quality time out to unwind and seek personal rejuvenation of body, mind and spirit. Close to the action of the Safari Park Swala rooms are on the ground level, you will be right amongst nature! Enjoy a closest exposure with nature and the African wildlife animals.

  1. Twiga Deluxe Room

Twiga Deluxe Room is Best for Couple

With a backdrop that exposes the raw beauty of wild animals in a rugged habitat, Twiga is an inviting retreat that evokes serenity. Uniquely accommodating two people in your own private single room. It is the best escape from everyday reality to rediscover the simple pleasures of Mother Nature. This room is located on the second floor and features a balcony, for a panoramic view overlooking unique animals roaming the park.

Besides of those cozy and well-spending stay in your room, you will also have the others beneficial additional. Feel free to explore our park and strolling around for hours. Find numerous of unique and endemic animals and know about them deeper. Furthermore, try to be more engaged with our animals by feeding them by your own hand.

Feeling starving after a joyful walk in the park? Try our delicious dishes at Tsavo Lion Restaurant and Uma Restaurant. Catch us here to learn more about our room types.

Those two best rooms are best for you and your beloved partner. Enjoy a full package of staying in our hotel whilst exploring the park.