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Published on March 4, 2022 | Accommodation, Activities, Animal, Bali Culture, Culture, Hotel, Nature, Tips, Travel

Mara River Safari Lodge Hotel is one of the best family-friendly retreats in Bali. It consists of 45 fully-equipped room. Furthermore, our hotel has 4-star facilities that reflect the rustic charm of the African Safari.

This resort in Bali gives a unique holiday experience with Safari-inspired ambiance and accommodation. Located within the grounds of Bali Safari Park, all lodges feature an open-air terrace. It allows guests the opportunity to observe different animals at close range.

There are four signature products of our room as follows:

  1. Swala Deluxe Room

Swala Deluxe Room

This deluxe single room accommodates two people. Moreover, it is enveloped by indigenous long grass and foliage to recreate the sensation of communing with nature. Swala is a unique suite for quality time out to unwind and seek personal rejuvenation of body, mind and spirit. Swala rooms are on the ground level. You will be right amongst nature!

  1. Twiga Deluxe Room

Twiga Deluxe Room

With a backdrop that exposes the raw beauty of wild animals in a rugged habitat, Twiga is an inviting retreat that evokes serenity. Uniquely accommodating two people in your private single room.  This room is located on the second floor and features a balcony.

  1. Kifaru Family Suites

Kifaru Family Suite

Kifaru is the best bungalow that is ideal for a family with 2 children. It is essentially a fun setting with ethnic African touches. The room overlooks the Kiboko Swimming Pool. These two bedrooms ensures privacy and comfort for four people.

  1. Tembo Family Suites

Tembo Family Suite

Catering exclusively for an extended family unit or a small group of friends, Tembo is a spacious bungalow characterized by a separate living and dining area. These three bedrooms lodge also overlooks the Kiboko Swimming Pool and accommodates up to six people!

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