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Published on July 9, 2023 | Activities, Uncategorized, vacation


Bali Safari is an exciting destination on the Island of the Gods, especially in JULY, a month that brings the warmth of summer and the joy of outdoor adventure. Bali safari offers a unique opportunity for adventure enthusiasts. Joyfull of july will be held at Bali Safari in July 2023. This event is designed to provide an exciting experience for Bali Safari visitors.

Below we will explore three exciting events held during July, Safari Camp, World Natural Conservation and International Tiger Day held on July 15,28,29, 2023.

Safari Camp

Safari camp is a CSR event to commemorate National Children’s Day. Bali Safari celebrated by inviting junior high school children to camp at Bali Safari on July 15, 2023. They can experience the adventure of getting closer to wildlife. In this series of events, participants will have the unique opportunity to participate in adventure games, camping, and fun activities in the park.

World Natural Conservation Day

On July 28th every year. At Bali Safari, this event is an important moment to raise awareness about the importance of conserving nature and wildlife. More specifically, Bali Safari collaborates with Influencers and Public Figures from all over Indonesia to be a part of nature conservation initiated by Bali Safari. In the series of commemorating World Nature Conservation Day, Bali Safari organizes various educational activities in a fun way to them as opinion leaders in the community.

International Tiger Day

On July 29th, Bali Safari commemorates “International Tiger Day“. The event aims to raise awareness about the protection of tigers and their increasingly threatened habitat. During this event, visitors can learn about the struggles of tigers in the wild and the actions that can be taken to protect this endangered species. Bali Safari also organizes special presentations and interactive activities that educate visitors about the importance of sustaining tiger populations and their natural habitats.

Bali Safari Joyfull of july is the perfect opportunity to spend time with family, couples or friends in Bali. This event provides a variety of diverse and exciting activities for all ages. So, if you are in Bali in July 2023, be sure to make time to attend the Bali Safari Event and enjoy the amazing array of events. So, don’t miss out on these special events at Bali Safari this July and join in the celebration of joy and care for Nature that inspires!

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