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Published on June 10, 2022 | Accommodation, Activities, Bali Culture, Culture, Hotel

The live theatrical performance is not just a neat addition to your experience at Bali Safari Park. It also complements your entire experience in Bali as a whole. Bali is indeed very unique due to the Hindu-Javanese cultural influence. Therefore, it is no surprise that you will hear a lot about the myths and legends that are deep-rooted into the locals’ beliefs and everyday living.

Bali Agung

Our presentation, the Bali Agung Show, is our way of saying thank you for choosing this island in particular as your host and holiday destination.

 Where does Bali Agung take place?

Bali Agung Show Theater

Conducting indoors inside a huge luxury theatre named Bali Theatre, this place will make you emerge with the atmosphere of Bali Agung itself. Completed with air-conditioners, thousands of super comfortable seats and modern multimedia combined with eye-catching lighting will totally boost your experience to the max.

On normal days, Bali Agung Show features more than 100 Balinese dancers and musicians. This does not include the hundreds of local artists, craftsmen, and construction workers who have contributed to your viewing pleasure.

As you may have noticed in your journey through the island, art is an important product of our culture. It is a necessity to sustain our lifestyle and traditions. This is why anyone who can produce art – visual, music, dance, performance, carpentry, masonry – is appreciated and can make a good living out of their creations.

So, be ready to embrace that the Bali Agung Show will always present to you with our fullest passion. We highlight our rich cultural heritage, especially the recounting of the legend of King Sri Jaya Pangus and Queen Kang Ching Wie.

What Your Children can Learn from the Show

Bali Agung Show at Bali Safari Park

This story tells the story of the King of Bali, Sri Jaya Pangus, with Kang Ching Wie. From Bali Agung Show, there are some moral values that relate to your children: disappointment, frustration, revenge, and love. Older children can find themes about infidelity, betrayal, and temptation.

Ancient Legends can be Relevant to Today’s Societal Issues

Bali Agung Show with Mara River Safari Lodge

There are topics that can be difficult to initiate in a conversation, even between parents and their children. Developmental psychologists claim that live theater can help children, parents, and teachers to engage in a dialogue. It also helps to close the gap of understanding between what the adults and children perceive about the topic.

Don’t miss this spectacular cultural performance that fuses traditional and modern theatrical techniques. This Bali Agung Show is now available every Saturday & Sunday. Visit our official page to learn more.