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Mara river safari lodgeStaying overnight at Mara River Safari Lodge has always been a tremendous experience for our visitors. It is because we always offer unique and decent activities to our visitors. There are many great activities that you can try here.

Here, we present to you 3 of the most decent activities you can do when staying overnight at Mara River Safari Lodge.

  1. Bali Agung Show (Available Every Saturday & Sunday from 2.30 PM – 3.30 PM)

Bali AgungConducting indoors inside a big luxury theatre named Bali Theatre, this place will make you emerge with the atmosphere of Bali Agung itself. Completed with air-conditioners, thousands of super comfortable seats, and modern multimedia combined with eye-catching lighting, totally boost your experience to the max.

Bali Agung Show tells a story about the King of Bali in the 12th century, Sri Jaya Pangus, and a lady from China named Kang Ching Wie. At that time, there were many merchants sailed from China and came to Bali to sell their goods. It is here where Jaya Pangus met his beloved one, Kang Ching Wie. Their meeting has had a massive impact on the Balinese culture until now. One of the results of that acculturation is Barong Landung.

  1. Night Safari (Available Everyday from 6 PM to 9 PM)

Night-SafariIf you are a night owl, the nightlife must be an exciting addition to the most active world during the day. Many of our wildlife in Bali Safari Park are nocturnal, and you can experience them in the Night Safari. Come with us, and we’ll explore the night in Gianyar together.

Being inside the cage tram into the night safari scene, where you’ll be exposed to the night air, sounds, and any wildlife you may encounter on the way.

When it gets dark, our instinct is to switch on the lights. But our ancestors didn’t have such luxury, so they would light up a fire. Watch as the fire dancers use to fire the way our ancestors did and master the element and use it for art and dance.

After all that excitement, you might feel a little hungry. It is the best time to have some delicious barbecue at Tsavo Lion Restaurant. Vegetarian options are available too, so don’t hesitate to join us on a fun night grill to keep you warm on a cold night.

  1. Feed the Predators (Available Everyday from 2 PM to 4 PM)

Feed the Predator at Bali Safari and Mara River Safari LodgeBeing carried on a designated cage truck, you will go on the best journey you can imagine on Feed the Predators. In the beginning, you’ll ride into the home of the biggest mammals in Asia, the Sumatran Elephants.

There are many elephants that you can feed and play with. Come a bit further inside the jungle, you’ll find the home of our Sumatran Tigers and the African Lions. Keep an eye on how they’ll climb above you and feel the intimacy. Just sit back, relax, and make sure you don’t miss every chance to feed them. Remember to capture that rare moment too. This decent activity will be a good memory for you to remember.

Don’t waste your time anymore. Let’s try these decent activities in our lodge. Come book your room now and get the best wildlife experience here in Bali.