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Published on September 21, 2018 | Activities, Animal, Tips

The next time you’re staying at Mara River and Safari Lodge, you’ll have plenty of wonderful opportunities to come up close to a myriad of wild animals as they roam free in their respective habitats. Here are some of the favourites.


Our friendly pachyderms are everyone’s favourite! You can meet our gentle giants, feed them with fruits and vegetables (that already been provided, please do not bring outside food for them) and even take photographs with them. Give them a bath and watch them paint, play and joke around at the elephant shows.


Crocodiles and Komodo Dragons
The Komodo Dragons are considered as one of many native animals of Indonesia. They belong to East Indonesia category. Here at Mara River Safari Lodge, these wild creatures are in their own enclosures and although a safe distance away from visitors, every Monday, you’ll get the chance to view a feeding session up close.


Exotic Birds
Did you know that Bali has its own indigenous birds called the Bali Starling and it’s already endangered? But here, the Bali Starling or also known as Bali Mynah are being rehabilitated under a successful conservation program. You can see them at the Bali Starling Aviary, along with parrots and colourful macaws.


Petting Zoo

Little children and toddlers will have a thrilling afternoon making friends with tortoises, goats, guinea pigs and iguanas. There are even little ponies that the children can ride on. Don’t forget to take pictures with the colourful cockatoo and to feed the kois. There are also other activities that your kids will love!


Other Wild Animals

Other wild animals that you can find here are the Hippopotamus, which is also known as the River Horse and the white and black Rhinoceros with its skin of steel. Who wouldn’t want to see a lion or a tiger up close? Did you know that a lion can eat up to 8kg of meat per feed and that a tiger can weigh up to 300kg?

Learn more about how to preserve and care for wildlife and come up close to beautiful creatures of all shapes and sizes when you stay at the Mara River Safari Lodge, a beautiful safari-inspired nature-themed resort in Gianyar, Ubud Bali; one of the best family-friendly retreats in Bali with 38 fully-equipped rooms and 4-star facilities.