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Published on December 31, 2022 | Animal, Animals, Conservation, Hotel, Nature, Wildlife

Anyone can recognize the Zebra with its pretty black and white patterned coat. But, did you know African wild horse has so many interesting fact and features?

Interesting Facts About Zebra

  • Zebra is native to Africa and very closely related to horses and donkeys
  • Each individual has its own unique striped pattern. It’s means every Zebras in the world have different pattern.
  • Underneath its pretty black and white coat, it’s skin is black
  • Did you know that the zebra’s pattern also acts as an insect repellent and a natural sunscreen?
  • To confuse color blind predators, the zebra will run in a zig-zag pattern or group together, so that their patterns look like grass
  • There are multiple different species of zebras, and each species has a different general pattern of stripes
  • The National Geographic says the zebra’s pattern works like camouflage, especially for a group of zebras standing together
  • Although zebras live in Africa, different species live in different areas. (Plains zebras live in treeless grasslands in East and South Africa. And Grévy’s zebras live in grasslands in parts of Ethiopia and Kenya). While mountain zebra can be found in South Africa, Namibia, and Angola.
  • A zebra can run up to 65 km per hour and can grow up to 3.5 to 5 feet tall
  • Zebras sleep standing up!
  • A zebra can rotate its ears to almost any direction!
  • A group of zebras called ‘zeal’ and A family group of zebras known as a harem, which is lead by a stallion (male zebra).

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