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Published on June 17, 2021 | Bali Style, Culture, Tips, Travel

Every year, couples fall in love with this beautiful small island called Bali. There is something truly magical about this island that brings together two individuals. It’s no wonder that couples choose Bali as a destination for unique weddings.

From the first meeting in Ubud to romantic dates in Canggu, a proposal in Nusa Penida, and pre-wedding photoshoots with the wildlife at Mara River Safari Lodge, a unique wedding concept in Bali is the perfect beginning to your love story.

We present some ideas below to inspire you for a creative wedding plan.

Jungle and wildlife wedding concept

Pre-wedding at Bali Safari Park

Bali’s spot-on location in the tropics means that it’s easy to prepare a jungle theme for your wedding. Decorate the altar with rare orchids, the walkway with bright red hibiscus that contrasts with white jasmine or marigolds. Fill the room with as much color as possible, especially green; this will contrast well with the white wedding gown. Another option is to invert the colors – the bride can wear a green gown and ruby red necklace – may be reminiscent of the beautiful Poison Ivy (minus the venom).

In make your African wildlife-themed wedding a reality is also perfectly positioned at Mara River Safari Lodge. From pre-wedding photos with our friendly wildlife to an African savannah in the background, as you say your “I do’s”.

Whichever dress and decoration that you choose, there is one place where you can easily make that dream come true: Bali Safari Park. Continue reading to find out what our team of wedding preppers have in store for you.


Cultural and spiritual wedding concept in Denpasar Cathedral

For couples who dream of getting married in a chapel, Denpasar Cathedral offers a unique traditional Christian wedding experience unlike any other. You would enter through the church’s gapura gates. The sight afterward will surprise you – every façade and spire has been infused with Balinese elements. The inside is also truly remarkable. Angels with sanggul halo, wearing Bali kebaya, greet you as you approach the grand white and golden altar.

Brilliant lighting, excellent decorations and amazing acoustics are three accompanying elements for a perfect cultural and spiritual wedding concept in Bali.

The peak of the wedding ceremony at the edge of a cliff

It’s the private dream of every girl (and boy) to say their vows at the cliff edge. Fortunately, Bali’s southwestern peninsula offers a place to make that dream come true. If you choose to start the ceremony in the pleasant afternoon at around 4 to 5 pm, you may perfectly align your official wedding kiss as the sun touches the horizon.

Restricted only for die-hard romantics by unique weddings at the cliff edge. Bridal gowns will gently flutter and a flower tossed will never land back; receptions will be remembered for life, and friends and family will rejoice in a pleasant night dance at the edge of the island.

Beach Wedding concept for the ocean-loving couples

Beach Wedding

There are truly spectacular beaches throughout Bali that are both secluded and private, thus perfect for a beach wedding concept. Beaches in Bali come in two variants – white sand and black sand; the atmosphere, the sounds and sights, are quite similar in any Bali beach. You should make use of the beach’s natural features as much as possible to create a picturesque wedding scene.

On the logistics side, the unique location may pose several challenges. Prepare a cooling system for the food, shade for your guests, and dress lightly – for both the couple and the guests.

A wedding in Bali Safari Park

Wedding Ceremony at Bali Safari Park

As mentioned before, the dream to have a wildlife-themed wedding is not impossible to achieve at Bali Safari Park. Our team of wedding planners has prepared something special for the couple. The guests can enjoy the immersive experience of an outdoor wedding with an impossible-to-replicate savannah atmosphere.

The bridesmaids will greet the honored couple by the wedding arch, dressed in authentic Balinese attire. A traditional Balinese live orchestra accompanies the bride and groom as they approach the flower-decorated, jungle-themed Pergola located at the center of the scene.

To ensure your special moments are captured and saved for you to look back on, both wedding packages at Bali Safari Park offer professional video and photography services. Lastly, spend your wedding night at Mara River Safari Lodge in the Swala Deluxe room, an inclusive offer of the Wedding Package. Contact us for details.