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Published on May 9, 2022 | Accommodation, Culture, Hotel

Enkaji, a unique bulding in Mara River Safari Lodge

As our resort is unique and bringing African theme and concept right into our guest, mostly of our hotel aspect is inspired from African culture, including the building’s architecture.

Have you ever noticed our building or houses? Yes, a cone roof on the top. It is called as Enkaji. Enkaji is traditional house of Maasai people in the border of Kenya and Tanzania, Africa. In the traditional nomadic lifestyle of the Maasai, houses are built that are semi-permanent and cannot withstand the harsh weather conditions. The materials used are grass, twigs, cow dung, and anthill soil. Those materials degrade very quickly.

Interestingly, the men are not responsible for building the houses but it’s the women who take charge of this duty. Only the pregnant and elderly women are excused from building duties. The elder ladies do however instruct and teach the younger generation on how to build good and stable houses.

Not only on its roof, our hotel is also unique in almost all aspects that strengthen the African vibes. Don’t need to go further away to Africa, don’t you?

This unique African themed hotel will give you a great experience during your stay at our lodge. Not only staying on the room, you can also observe the African wildlife panorama from your balcony room. Go get to them even closer to feed them by your own hand. This will complete the unique and memorable staying in our lodge.

Feel free to explore our park and come to Tsavo Lion Restaurant to see the majestic lions. Our giraffe and meerkats are also excited to interact with you.

Those things are really a good combination which bring a really African atmosphere to you and your beloved ones. All those unique things are specially provided for all of you. Mark your date now and get your room here.