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Published on March 20, 2019 | Activities, Restaurant

Bali has plenty of variety and diversity when it comes to the unique dining experience. However, perhaps one of the most unique culinary experiences in Bali is at Tsavo Lion Restaurant.

Located in the Mara River Safari Lodge, the Tsavo Lion Restaurant is infused with unique wildlife decorations.

Most notably, however, is the view that guests are greeted with when they enter the restaurant.

Located right beside the Lion exhibit of Bali Safari Park, it has large glass panels separating the interior of the restaurant from the Lion’s themselves.

Guests are treated to a full view of the majestic pride of Lions as they enjoy their meal.


Unique Dining Experience in Bali

Dining Experience

As the name implies, the focal point of the Tsavo Lion Restaurant is the view of the Lion’s exhibit, which can be seen from the interior of the restaurant.

Visitors can observe the prides of Lions going about their day and strolling around the exhibit. The Lion’s exhibit is obviously built with safety in mind, so visitors should not worry at all when dining at the restaurant.

The relative close proximity of the diners and the Lions makes this a truly unique experience that no other restaurant in Bali can offer.


Unique Dining Experience in Bali

Reservation tips

The Tsavo Lion Restaurant is a popular stop for many guests visiting Bali Safari Park as well as in-house guests of Mara River Safari Lodge.

Therefore, it is important for visitors to make reservations ahead of time to ensure they get a table. Another tip is to choose the tables closest to the glass panels for the maximum view of the Lion’s exhibit.

Also, due to their nocturnal tendencies, the Lions naturally become more active as it gets darker. With that in mind, visitors are sure to witness more activity if they make an evening reservation rather than a daytime one.

Due to this unique culinary experience with Lions, dining at the Tsavo Lion Restaurant will surely leave a lasting impression on you.

Breakfast with Lions is included for our in-house guests at the Mara River Safari Lodge.

Make sure you make reservations ahead of time to ensure you get a table at the Tsavo Lion Restaurant!