Tumpek Kandang: A Celebration for Animals

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Published on January 30, 2022 | Animals, Bali Culture, Culture, Hotel, Nature, Tips, Travel

Tumpek Kandang

Bali has many special days aimed to celebrate the animals, nature, and universe. One of those special days is Tumpek Kandang. Tumpek Kandang is a special day to honor pets, livestock and household animals. Celebrated every 210 days, various offerings is made to thank the Lord Shiva or Sang Hyang Rare Angon. These God are a manifestation of God who created the animals. People pray to those God for a successful year of farming, bountiful harvest and excellent quality produce.

The name of Tumpek Kandang consists of two words. “Tumpek” means Saturday and “Kandang” means animals or pet.

Bird in Banyan Court
Tumpek Kandang has additional meanings as a demonstration of evidence that the Balinese community is aware of animal welfare. This means there is an awareness of owing “merits” to the animal. It is since such creatures are the preservation and prosperity of the ecosystem. Tumpek Kandang is not only about farm animals. It is often related to wildlife preservation.

Bali Safari Park as conservation site for endangered animal has regularly celebrates this special day every 210 days.

It was on Saturday, 29 January 2022, keepers and animals gathered for Balinese Hindu ceremony. The ceremony took place in Banyan Area in Bali Safari Park. There were our cute baby orangutan named Cherry and the albino python. There were also birds and our giant Sumatran Elephant.  Here, people are pray for the the prosperity and health of these animals. This ceremony was led by “Pemangku”: leader of ceremony in Balinese Hindu. During the pray, all visitors in the park was also able to watch the ceremony. In the end, “Pemangku” splashed a holy water called “Tirta” onto these animals. Hopefully,  God bless the animals and there is a balance among human, animals. and nature.

Our animals are happier now and can’t wait to greet you here in our park. Don’t you want to have an intimate experience with them? Do not be hesitate to catch us here.