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Published on August 14, 2020 | Accommodation, Activities, Tips, Travel

Bali is reopening soon, and so is Mara River Safari Lodge and of course, Bali Safari Park. In the months of closure, we have worked hard to prepare the park so that it is a safe space for visitors to Bali. We ensure that health and safety protocols are properly implemented, for example, by disinfecting each vehicle that enters the park, providing hand sanitizers and hand-washing stations in several areas, and requiring every visitor to wear a mask (our team will be wearing a face shield as an addition).

Like the rest of Bali, Mara River Safari Lodge is gearing up for the new normal. Here is what to expect when traveling in Bali in the new normal period:


1. Fewer available tables in restaurants

Tsavo Lion Restaurant Event Easter in Bali

To ensure that the physical distancing policy is seriously implemented, all restaurants in Bali are mandated so that each guest will maintain a minimum distance of 1.5 meters from each other. This means more personal space and fewer tables to reserve.

Tsavo Lion Restaurant and Uma Restaurant are no exceptions. If you are staying at Mara River Safari Lodge, we can arrange a reservation for you quite easily, as the Tsavo Lion Restaurant is also our lodge restaurant. Our popular family restaurants in the park will follow this protocol strictly. In addition, our kitchen personnel and waiters will wear face shields as added protection.


2. Spacing between all seating arrangements

Under the same physical distancing protocols, seating arrangements in open areas are also made so that they are spaced out to maintain distance. In Bali Safari Park, our educational shows are usually packed with people, but not at this time, with such seating arrangements put in place.

This is also true inside of vehicles. The only way to see the wildlife exhibits is to ride along in the Safari bus. We’ve made sure that it carries only half the amount of visitors so that physical distancing between visitors can be achieved.


3. No mask, no service


We understand that not everyone likes to wear a mask. However, wearing a mask is mandatory in all areas of the park, even in the outdoors. If you find that many of the masks that you have tried don’t suit you, you may need to search further for the one design that fits you.

This is also true in many, if not all, areas in Bali, especially in places that receive many visitors such as beach clubs and shopping malls. In fact, this is now required by law.

Wearing a mask will not constrict your senses. On the other hand, our staff who must encounter many guests or animals must wear an extra layer of protection, such as gloves and face shields. Despite the inconvenience, our family of staff will still obey the protocol for the greater good of all guests, animals and other staff members.


Let’s enjoy the new normal together

Mara River Safari Lodge

By following health and safety protocols such as physical distance, regular hand-washing, and wearing a mask, we can enjoy the new normal together. Remember, it is a privilege to be able to finally travel outside of home for the first time in many months. Enjoy everything that you’ve been wanting to do around Gianyar, but remember to stay safe and follow health protocols.