Traveling with Kids to Bali (2019 Tips and Checklist)

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Published on October 26, 2018 | Accommodation, Activities, Tips, Travel

Traveling with kids can be a great idea to spend quality time as a family, but it could also become a challenge.

When you’re traveling with your kids or friends to Bali, this guide could be very handy. Even though you’ve been on many holidays and day trips already, a checklist is always helpful! This checklist is perfect for when you visit this tropical paradise – Bali.


Traveling with Kids to Bali
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Before the trip

  • When you book your flight to Bali, always double-check the schedule. Sometimes the departure time gets changed.
  • Do online check-in when possible.
  • Do not forget your passports and booking papers.
  • When you’re traveling with kids, remind them in advance that there will be times during the journey that are boring and time-consuming. Bring a toy, book, or other activity for the children.
  • Know what you can carry. The kids will run around because traveling is exciting for them. Think realistically about what you can manage on your own, while also monitoring the kids.
  • Check the list of items permitted on the plane.
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Traveling with Kids to Bali

What to Bring to Bali

  • Bring lightweight clothes that give you enough sun protection. Make sure you have enough clothes. In addition, a rain-jacket or some protective clothing is recommended. Don’t forget your swimsuits!
  • Bring comfortable shoes and sandals. You and your kids will be walking a lot when exploring Bali, so it is important to have the most comfortable pair of footwear that are good for walking.
  • Bring medication and painkillers. If necessary, don’t forget prescriptions.
  • Indonesia has a lot of mosquitos. Bring mosquito-spray for protection.
  • Bali is also very sunny. Please bring sun cream, sun glasses, and hats to protect you from the heat.


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