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Published on November 9, 2018 | Activities, Bali Culture, Travel

Located in central Bali, Gianyar is one of the most populated areas after Denpasar and Badung. Although most people would be more familiar with the picturesque rice terraces at Ubud (Gianyar), there are also a number of beaches worth a visit when you are in Gianyar.

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Keramas Beach

Surfers will love this beach! This beautiful black sandy beach is no doubt a surfer’s paradise. It stretches 1.8 kilometers long across Gianyar, from Klungkung up to the west of Padang Galak beach.

As a famous surfing spot among beaches in Gianyar, it features huge and fast waves ready to be conquered. You’ll meet various surfers as this beach is popular, not only among locals, but with foreign surfers as well.

Don’t forget to stay around after you finished surfing. Wait until the afternoon to end your surfing adventure with a breathtaking sunset session.

A 20 minute drive from Mara River Safari Lodge (11km)


Top 3 Beaches around Gianyar Pantai Lebih Beach
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Lebih Beach

Located on the street towards Mara River Lodge, Lebih Beach is one of many black sand beaches in Gianyar that offering not just beautiful scenery but also tasty food within the grounds.

This beach is known for its delicious seafood, specifically its fish soup completed with satay lilit. You won’t find any difficulties to get those tasty dish since you will a strip of food stalls lined up offering fresh seafood upon arrival.

You can relax, dine in delicious food or simply take a walk along the beach. At certain times you may also witness spiritual ceremonies being held at this place. The landscape also boasts the perfect shot for photographers as well.

An 8 minute drive from Mara River Safari Lodge (2,2km)


Top 3 Beaches Around Gianyar Bali Pantai Masceti Beach
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Masceti Beach

Located at Medahan village in district Blahbatuh, Masceti Beach is another alternative beaches if you want to find a more peaceful and laid back charm. Considered a sacred site, Masceti Beach is a special one.

This black sand beach is a very spiritual place where many ceremonies take place. With that being said, tourist activities such as sunbathing or water sport are prohibited in the area. This destination is perfect for those looking for a spiritual experience. 

An 11 minute drive from Mara River Safari Lodge (4,3km)

Situated in Gianyar, Mara River Safari Lodge offers a unique holiday experience where your lodges allow you to observe animals within close range as you wake up in this Safari-inspired accommodation.