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Published on January 8, 2021 | Activities

On a bright and sunny Saturday morning, you wake up the kids for a special surprise. The whole family has sprung to life by 7 am, because of the view that is not to be missed — grazing African herbivores a short distance away from your hotel balcony. This is not a dream, but all part of the experience here at Mara River Safari Lodge.

While the balcony view is indeed spectacular, the kids have a list of things that they want to do at Bali Safari Park. So after breakfast, the family gets ready for a busy day ahead. There are so many things to do in and around the Bali Safari Park’s lodge, here are just a few:

It’s meerkat feeding time!

When meerkats stand on two legs, looking over the horizon for threats and snacks, they kind of look like miniature people, don’t they? These adorable little creatures belong to the mongoose family, and they absolutely love meeting human kids!

Show your love of meerkats by taking a family photo with meerkats who don’t shy away from the camera. You get a chance to feed the meerkats with a special enrichment tool, which challenges them to pick out insects from a tube through very narrow holes.


Wow! Can animals really do that?

You’ll catch your kids asking this aloud as you take them to various animal presentations occurring throughout the day. These presentations showcase the intelligence and empathy of many exotic animals you know and love.


Go to the Harimau Amphitheater and witness the inspirational and historical story of Harimau (tiger), a predator who turned into prey. Later, come get close to an elephant by giving one a bath at the Ganesha court, or head over to Kampung Gajah to watch them interact and communicate with humans.


Stay Overnight at Mara River Safari Lodge

Bali Safari Park is 40 hectares in size. One way to ensure you have plenty of time to take in all the sights, sounds and shows is to stay right here on the property at Mara River Safari Lodge. Don’t forget, we have a special promotion running at the beginning of the year, offering you 60% OFF of the normal room rate.

To learn more about this incredible deal, check out our Accommodations page.