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Published on August 19, 2022 | Accommodation, Animals, Bali Style, Hotel, Tips, Travel

Special Room Rate With an Exotic View is waiting for you out there. Get this special rate with an exotic view! When you combine artistic and luxurious room design with an exotic view, quality service, and access to a wild safari park, you get an experience of a lifetime.

Mara River Safari Lodge presents not just accommodation that would make you feel at home, but also one that ushers you to escape the ordinary and taste the unknown.

Enjoy special room rates

Special Room Rate at Mara River

Enjoy everything you love about Mara River Safari Lodge and Bali Safari Park with a special room rate starting from IDR 1,865,000— for the one-night room, daily breakfast, night safari, and elephant ride. Choose to book a lodge with us for stays  — there is no rush to come to Bali, but our deals are being booked every day.


A space to yourself

At Mara River Safari Lodge, you get to enjoy a vacation guilt-free as you have a safe space to yourself back in the hotel complex, as we have fewer guests than usual. Take a dip at the Kiboko Pool and enjoy the fantastic privilege of being able to roam free. Share a moment of freedom with the herd of zebras and wildebeests as you sit on your viewing terrace.


Don’t Miss the Lions at Breakfast with Our Special Package

Breakfast with Lion at Bali Safari Park

Do you want to become part of the pride? Then join the lions at breakfast. With your accommodation at Mara River Safari Lodge, you are given daily breakfast at Tsavo Lion Restaurant. On your first morning, you might feel like a meerkat as you watch the towering alpha male above you as you nervously sip on orange juice. But by the following day, you will see each other as equals.

You’ll soon learn that each lion and lioness has their own personality; there is the playful type, the quiet type, and the photogenic type, to name a few. Find out for yourself as you become part of the pride.


Best Price with Sleepover with our wildlife

Mara River Safari Lodge is part of and built within Bali Safari Park. That means with your accommodation, you get unlimited access to Bali Safari Park. Be sure to check out the various exhibits, educational shows, and close encounters, and catch up on feeding times.

Learn more about Bali Safari Park. Curious about our special room rates? Click here.