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Published on May 15, 2020 | Accommodation, Activities, Hotel, Tips, Travel

Having spent a couple of days in Bali Safari Park, and taking on as many adventures as you can possibly get, you’ll probably feel a little sore in some places. Lucky for you, Mara River Safari Lodge has one place where you can lie down, relax, and have your tension points gently pressed in a soothing spa experience with a unique view.

Spa Treatment

Retreat to Shifaa Spa

The Shifaa Spa looks small and simple, but this humble place has its amazing perks. For one, it’s built very close to the African Savannah. Directly in front of your massage bed, you can spot a herd of rhinos, zebras, wildebeests, and ostriches passing by.

As the signature Soul of Africa massage takes your pain and strain away, it’s normal to daydream a little – to be transported to the Serengeti, lying on a flat rock while listening to chirps of wild birds while migrating herds blanket the grassland in the distance.


Balinese Massage and Aromatherapy

While you’re in Bali, don’t miss the world’s unique Balinese massage. Simply relish the moment with the exotic dancing movement of fingers across your aching back, shoulders and neck. The firm and gentle stroke, mixed in with acupressure and essential oils engage with the senses that you rarely use together – touch and smell.

Exotic spices and herbs that are available all year-round in Bali fuse together to create a novel combination that you may not have imagined being possible in the aromatherapy sessions. As a complementary treatment, reflexology takes away the tension on your feet after spending hours walking in the park and exploring Gianyar.


All-Natural Way to Rid of Toxins

Fresh tropical island fruits have a surprising way of interacting with our bodies. The biologically active components that prevent serious diseases exist in great abundance in many fruit species in Bali. We take that to our advantage by turning fruit components into a paste, which we then use in our facial treatments.

Come home feeling young again, as your delicate skin repairs itself from damage, and the toxins have been removed naturally by your sweat and the absorbent fruity mask.

Spa Treatment at Mara River Safari Park

Expert manicures

If you look closely, the Balinese women have some of the world’s best nails. Some credit goes to their parents for passing them down, but most of them come from their centuries-old art of manicure. Keeping their nails healthy is a natural practice, but at Shifa Spa, we can do even more.

While staying at Mara River Safari Lodge, don’t forget to visit Shifaa Spa to get the best spa treatments in Gianyar with a great African setting and view of the Savannah.