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Published on August 26, 2023 | Accommodation, Activities, Hotel, Nature

Running enthusiasts and professional runners, get ready for a special moment! On August 27, 2023, Bali Safari will be part of the highly anticipated marathon event, the “Maybank Marathon”. In collaboration with Maybank, one of the leading banks in Southeast Asia, this marathon event will offer an unforgettable running experience while enjoying the beauty of nature and wildlife in Bali.

Why is Maybank Marathon Bali Special?

Maybank Bali Safari Marathon is not just an ordinary marathon. This event offers a unique combination of running and exploring the stunning nature. Participants will run through green forests, encounter exotic animals, and witness extraordinary landscapes that can only be found in Bali Safari.

However, what makes this marathon even more exceptional is its commitment to sustainability and environmental conservation. This event is dedicated to raising awareness about the protection of wildlife and biodiversity. Additionally, a portion of the proceeds from this event will be contributed to conservation programs at Bali Safari.

Routes and Categories of Maybank Race

Maybank Bali Safari Marathon will feature several race categories to cater to various levels of participants’ abilities:

  1. Full Marathon (42.195 km): A challenge for experienced runners who want to test their endurance and strength.
  2. Half Marathon (21.097 km): This half-marathon category is suitable for participants with prior running experience who seek a lighter challenge.
  3. 10K Run (10 km): Ideal for beginner runners who want to experience their first marathon.
  4. 5K Run (5 km): Participants of all ages and fitness levels can join this category. It’s a great option for families.

Exceptional Running Experience 

Participants of the Maybank Bali Safari Marathon will experience an extraordinary sensation of running against the backdrop of stunning scenery. They will traverse well-designed and safe routes, pass through wildlife habitats, and feel the exhilaration of running amidst nature.

Creating Positive Impact through Conservation

This event provides an opportunity for runners to enjoy a unique natural adventure. Moreover, the Maybank Bali Safari Marathon aims to create a positive impact on the surrounding environment. A portion of the event’s earnings will be donated to support conservation programs carried out by Bali Safari. Through participating in this marathon, runners not only enhance their health and sporting spirit but also contribute to the preservation of Bali’s wildlife and nature.

Registration and Further Information Maybank Marathon Bali

For prospective participants who wish to register and obtain more information about the Maybank Marathon Bali Safari, keep checking the official event website at Registration will open some time before the event takes place. Make sure to mark August 27, 2023 on your calendar and prepare yourself to be part of an unforgettable marathon!

The Maybank Marathon on August 27, 2023, is an eagerly awaited event for running and nature enthusiasts. It not only offers an incredible running experience amidst the beauty of nature but also demonstrates a commitment to conservation and sustainability. Be a part of this historic moment and let’s welcome an unforgettable marathon together!

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