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Published on September 7, 2022 | Animals, Conservation, Nature

Safari Journey Mara River Safari Lodge Bali Safari

Safari Journey is one of the signature products in our park. It has been a favorite activity to do by everyone when visiting our park or hotel

Safari Journey is a journey of exploration into the world’s most well-known regions, such as Indonesia, India, and Africa. You can comfortably sit inside our safari bus tram to see wild animals freely roaming their exhibits. During the journey, the guide will describe each animal that you encounter during your journey. While you go on a fun and educational Safari Journey, you can meet and interact with them personally!

Exploring among Countries on Safari Journey

Besides watching the amazing animal educational shows and exploring our park on foot, that activity is the one you should not miss in the park. In only one tour, let’s discover more about Indonesia, India, and Africa’s diversity to understand more about animals and their behavior. Watch zebras roam free, lazy hippos half submerged in the river, lions taking a glorious nap, and many more. Animals’ diversity is a collection of wild animals from different regions. Learning more about them can be very fun, interesting, and inspiring.

Exclusive Safari Tram

Mara River Safari Lodge

Safari Journey’s tram is ready every 15 minutes and you can find it at Toraja Terminal. This activity is available daily starting from 9 AM until 5.15 PM. So, make sure you won’t miss it. The tram will give you a wild sightseeing experience while witnessing the wildlife animal roaming around in their exhibits from a wide clear window.

Educative Safari Journey 

The journey will be educative and beneficial. There are many unique facts about the animals that will relieve your curiosity.

Well, are you excited enough to try out this must-try activity? Don’t think too long, or you will lose the chance to meet them sooner. Book now, get 20% on the website, and get ready for a safari adventure in Bali Safari Park!