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Published on July 20, 2023 | Accommodation, Activities, Hotel, Nature, Uncategorized, vacation

Safari friends, have you ever been confused about where to take your partner on a date? Want a new experience for a romantic date? Don’t worry, because this time Bali Safari is here with good news for all of you. Especially in July, we have a Safari couple date promo for safari friends who already have a partner. Safari couple date is a unique and awesome way to spend time with your partner while exploring the beauty of the wilderness.

why is this the right idea to do? Ready for an unforgettable romantic adventure?

Why Safari Couple Date?

Safari couple date offers the perfect mix of adventure and romance. This is a great way for you to get out of a boring date. We allow you to explore the wilderness, see exotic wildlife, and create beautiful memories as a couple. This can strengthen the bond between partners and create interesting conversation topics.

Safari is not only about seeing wild animals but also about creating beautiful moments with your partner amidst the beauty of nature. Safari couple date can also be used as an opportunity to learn and appreciate biodiversity and protect the environment.

Safari Couple Date Package

Safari couple date comes with the right price and is pocket-friendly, starting from IDR 300,000/2 pax for all domestic and overseas visitors. You can also get 1 fun zone and waterplay zone voucher for free per transaction.

Only on 9-23 July 2023 safari friends can order this promo, on the Bali Safari Park website, with a minimum purchase of 2 pax and also valid for multiple. Tickets can be used by safari friends upon arrival on 7 July – 30 August 2023.

Spent Your Time at Mara River

You can also spend the night at MARA RIVER SAFARI LODGE, the first African-themed hotel in Bali that provides a unique holiday experience with a Safari-inspired atmosphere and accommodation. Located on the grounds of the Bali Safari Park, all accommodations feature an outdoor terrace, giving you the opportunity to observe different animals at close range.

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What are you waiting for? Book now and experience a special date with Bali Safari