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Published on April 16, 2018 | Activities, Hotel

When it comes to choosing the perfect holiday for you and your newly-wed partner, the world is your oyster. However, there is always a number of things to consider. A relaxing island getaway or a tranquil spa resort tucked in a tropical rainforest?

Bali has all these luxuries packed into one exotic and culture-rich island. Bali is blessed with year-round sunshine and warmth with peak-seasons lasting from December to January and June through August. You’re more likely to avoid the crowd and steep rates in March, April, and October – perfect for a honeymoon escape.

Here are the top three reasons why Bali can be a stunning option for your honeymoon.


scenic beach bali - honeymoon in bali

Bali is a tiny tropical paradise, however, is home to scenic beaches, lush rice paddies, beautiful jungle forests, a diverse fauna, and much more. Buzzing tourist districts like Kuta and Seminyak are hubs for shopping, nightlife, and everything social.

If you stray away from ‘town’, you’ll get places like Ubud that attracts quieter, older crowds and tourists alike. Pemuteran or Karangasem, which are further north, boast more greenery, less tourists, and more taste of the local life. The northern side will have you experience the most picturesque waterfalls, jungles, tea plantations, and other raw Balinese beauty.

Island hopping

gili trawangan - island hoping

Apart from the stunning beaches on Bali’s main island, there are more beautiful and exclusive getaways off the coast. Travelling to Bali’s surrounding islands is hassle-free. You’ll get to see The Gili Islands, which have been deemed a version of heaven on earth, or Nusa Penida and Nusa Lembongan. Due to the growing popularity, luxury accommodation and an abundance of activities have popped up in these miniature islands, however they are still more hushed than Bali. If you’re looking for complete serenity, try Gili Meno.

Local people

local people - balinese culture

If you know anyone who’s been to Bali, ask them about the people. You’ll most likely get: friendly and welcoming. Balinese people are generally the warmest and most peaceful people you’ll meet and next thing you know, you’ll feel like you’re at home. The Balinese hospitality should be more acknowledged, as not only they are sweet and accommodating, they are genuine and most would go out of their way to help.

With plenty of factors that can make Bali the perfect honeymoon destination, the list would go on and on. If you need more convincing, Mara River Safari Lodge is an African-inspired accommodation located in the heart of Bali Safari Park. Enjoy crystal clear beaches and vibrant marine life, as well as experience a unique, real Safari Adventure like no other – all packed into one island!

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