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Published on July 17, 2020 | Activities, Animals

Organizations such as Bali Safari Park are given special permission by the government to care for wild animals outside of their habitat. But can an ordinary person still promote animal welfare, even as a tourist?

The answer is yes! You can practice responsible tourism while enjoying what Bali has to offer. Unlike ecotourism, which can be done in certain locations, responsible tourism can be practiced anywhere and anytime.


Don’t feed stray dogs in Bali

Not all ‘stray’ dogs in Bali are really strays. Many dogs are owned but left outside their homes to freely explore the world. The dogs would come back to the house to be fed on a regular basis.

What about dogs that are in terrible health conditions and are clearly abandoned? Although we are heavily saddened by this situation, we would advise you to not feed them either. This is for two reasons: 1) for your safety, and 2) for the dog’s safety.

There is a chance that the dog is infected by rabies, a dangerous virus that can infect humans too. You also wouldn’t know about the dog’s environmental threats, such as a group of more aggressive dogs that can attack it, when food is present. The violent conflict between the dogs can pose a threat to the welfare of all the dogs that are involved.


Are the animal shows in Bali Safari Park ethical?

Elephant Show

The animals in our shows, which include domestic animals, elephants, tigers, and a variety of intelligent species, don’t live for the show.

They have their own life in their custom-made enclosures that resemble their natural habitat, and the animal shows are just a small part of their lives. We do not force animals to be trained for the show. For example, an elephant that displays an interest in human interactions will be more than happy to meet audiences as well!

Once the show is finished, they are not stuck in cages as they would be in a circus. They return to their herd and continue their daily routine.

We are also proud to announce that all our efforts related to animal welfare and conservation have been accredited by the South East Asian Zoos Association (SEAZA) in November 2019!


Should I go to a zoo or a safari park?

Safari journey

We’ve written an article on this. Read more: Why are safaris better than zoos?

The biggest difference between a safari park and a zoo is the enclosure size. In Bali Safari Park, the enclosure is so massive that guests must enter the enclosure in a Safari Bus. The bus ensures the safety of all the guests as they look out the window to see the wildlife. Animals with improved welfare will help our wildlife conservation programs.

There are many cases around the world where guests would ignore the warning signs, and trespass safety boundaries. However, inside the safari bus, this is unlikely to happen as the bus is fully closed. Even in the 4×4 Safari private vehicle, you are to feed the animals only when the safari ranger allows you to.


Love animals from a distance

Unless it is your pet, you should always remember to keep your distance from animals in Bali, particularly from wildlife. This reduces the risk of harming you or the animal and promotes animal welfare wherever you go.