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Published on March 13, 2019 | Activities, Hotel, Restaurant, Tips

Ubud is known for its culturally exquisite atmosphere and creative community, however the nightlife there can be just as vibrant as the daytime sights.

Below are some of our top picks for late night activities in Ubud and the surrounding area:


Nightlife Activities in Ubud
Legong Dance | Ubud Palace

Legong Traditional Dance, Royal Ubud Palace

Located in the center of town, this ornate temple was first built in the 1800s and, in certain sections of the place, still houses the royal family.

The temple is also known as Puri Saren Agung, and is open to the public with traditional dances such as the royal Legong Dance performed during the evenings.


Nightlife Activities in Ubud
Enjoying Night | Laughing Buddha Bar

Live Jazz Performances, Laughing Buddha Bar

Enjoy your favorite drink while listening to live music performances by the talented local musicians in Ubud. The menu consists of Asian and Mediterranean food and is notable for their noodle soups.

The bar is located conveniently along Monkey Forest Road, with many other boutiques and shops in the area.


Nightlife Activities in Ubud
Dining Experience | Tsavo Lion Restaurant

Tsavo Lion Restaurant, Mara River

For a memorable evening dinner, you can reserve a table at the Tsavo Lion Restaurant in the Mara River complex.

This unique restaurant is located next to the Lions exhibit in Bali Safari.

Guests are treated to a magnificent view of the Lions from the large glass panels that separates the restaurant from the exhibit.


Nightlife Activities in Ubud
Night Safari and Fire Dance | Bali Safari Park

Night Safari, Bali Safari Park

The Night Safari is an inclusive package from Bali Safari Park that offers various attractions and performances for visitors to enjoy.

This includes a tour on the Night Safari Journey where visitors ride a specially designed tram that takes them through the habitats of the animal residents.

There is also the Fire Dance performance and dinner at the in-house restaurant inside the park.

There are plenty of activities and sights to see after dark in Ubud and the surrounding area.


Where to go in Ubud at night?

The Ubud nightlife is something you don’t want to miss during your visit to Bali.

Our guests at Mara River Safari Lodge have easy access to the locations listed above, and many more. Make your reservations today!